Taking My Time

Grades. Church. Reading. Blogging. Friendships. Family. All things that cloud my mind. Keeping my grades up. Staying active in church. Reading at least an hour a day. Keeping the blog post interesting. Maintaining solid friendships. Making sure my family and I are on good terms. It's hard right now, to take my time, to take a deep breath. I think we all need to take our time. To just breath. We get all caught up in what we have to do, what we have to say. And that's okay. I mean, it's not a good thing, but it's okay that it happens. It happens to the best of us. I have a couple of ways that I always do to just take my time: 1. Just breath I make sure that I breathe. That I take time to just not think, to let go, and not worry about anything. It helps. I know it's cliche but just trust me: it works. 2. Make a list I make sure I know what I need to do, and when I need to do it. I usually put the important things first, so I always get them done. It makes me

Poetry By Erika

By Erika Farley He stands there He plucks his mind for words Many to choose from, to wash over me To hurt me or to heal me? He chose the wrong winds made of words to wash over me Words that were blue, filled with hurt and pain; Grey smoke made up of the steam in which His hatred burned, like a fiery viper He left third-degree burns, I wait, a sullen mask gracing me, Knowing if I weren’t numb now All my seams would crack. Now, I walk away, clutching my heart in my hands As to protect it from his flame of hatred Afraid it would turn to ash. Then, ever the tourist, he calls to my back, “Your silence is childish, how do you think I feel, As usual, your actions fed to my fury.” He spits “Thus, your apology is the one owed!” “But you hurt...” My heart has started to be licked by the fury tongue of The flames he threw my way “But you’re the one who...” He has left me again, to bury my heart back into my chest; “I’m sorry,” I say.

Why I'm Okay with School

I'm a strange teenager. I like golf. I like my teachers. But most of all, I love to learn. I enjoy it because I love to know that I'm furthering myself, that I'm being productive. That is why I have a bunch of skills I probably don't use. I know how to code a terrible website, I know how to become a powerful business owner (I don't want to own a business), and finally, I keep up with the news. But most importantly: I like school. Yes. Yes I like school. I don't like getting up early, and I don't like most of the people at school. But I like the knowledge I get. I mean, I kind of have to like knowledge, because I do want to become an English major. I want to have a bright future- to do something different than everyone else- and one of the key steps of getting there is knowledge. That is why I value it so much: it makes me follow my dreams. You know when you get done with a really good book, and you just feel full? Like not "I ate to much" ful

No Thought Thursday: An Introduction

Hi, welcome to the epitome of lazy: NO THOUGHT THURSDAY!! I have established (in my mind) an upload schedule: I will *try* to post every day  except  Sunday and Wednesday. Those two days I just have a lot going on, my days are packed! So why would I make you suffer from something called no thought Thursday? What even is no thought Thursday? First we will answer the second question: What is no thought Thursday? It is just a day where I want to post something that I don't have to really think about. Next question: Why is no thought Thursday even thing? Listen, I spend about an hour to two hour writing a post. That doesn't count the hour editing and revising. So, it takes a while. And all that starts at about 10:00pm. I always write and revise the day before it goes out, and post them in the morning. So when I have a big day the next day, I want to get some shut eye (who the heck says shut eye?), and I may need to write a post that is not the best. I will be talking about

Looking Through the Lens of Life

We all compare ourselves to others. It's just human nature. Most of the time, when we compare ourselves, we are looking at all the perfect things someone else does. When we do this, we only see the bad things that we do. We never even try  to see any good. I do this. I do it with blogging, I do it with school, I do it with singing. I do it all the time. The problem is that it is a subconscious thing we do. It's like we're all looking through a lens that is clouded with everything wrong with us. I feel like in life there are three different types of lenses that we can choose from: the negative lens (there is no good in the world), the positive (there is no wrong in the world), and the life lens (where we see the world how it truly is). In my life, I feel like I switch between the negative lens and the positive lens all the time. There is no in between, and I want to change that. I would define the "life lens" is seeing the world how it truly is. This "le

Finding Courage to do the Small Things

When I find something that makes me happy, like blogging, I put my all into it. Most things I do aren't scary. Making my favorite snack, going to the movies with friends, etc. I've alway been the type of person that once I find my "social routine" I stick to it. I don't go anywhere before my friends get there, I only go to a friend's house when I have quadruple check that it's okay, and I never, never, never tell a friend that they are doing something wrong. But recently I've been getting out social comfort zone, and going for activities that would otherwise make me uncomfortable. Once I did do everything that I was previously uncomfortable with, I figured out how I found the courage to do the small things: Knowing that I'm Beautiful No Matter What  I was always the girl wearing a t-shirt and some skinny jeans to school- nothing else. But recently, I've been stepping out of my comfort zone. I have been wearing cute autumnal sweaters, a f

Being Me when it's Weird

Before we start:  I just signed up for Bloglovin'! <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a> Now we can begin: I live in a small town. In Missouri. That should probably tell you where we are headed. Here, it's not other places that might have popped up in your head. Not everybody goes hunting and skins squirrels all day, though some do. No, most people here are moody, sulky, teenagers who CAN NOT  take it when a teacher tells them to be quite. It's almost comical- almost. You see, I am the type of kid who never gets in trouble. I try to build some type of relationship with all my teachers- I try to find common ground with all of them. This is a new thought to most of the people in my classes: be nice to everyone. But the point of this was that being myself in this town is hard. I've had to find the right group of people to talk to. And let me tell you, it was hard. I went thro